“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” W.B.Yeats

My approach to counselling is person-centred which was developed by Carl Rogers. It holds an optimistic view of human nature which sees us as having the ability within ourselves for self-understanding and self-growth. I am particularly attracted to the person-centred approach because of its emphasis on the client being their own best authority; the focus is always on how the client feels and thinks, and not on the counsellor. My role, as a counsellor, is to facilitate a non-judgemental, non-threatening and empathic environment in which my clients can begin to explore their thoughts and feelings.

A good fit?
If you need to look at exploring your feelings and taking personal responsibility, you will find the person centred approach has a lot to offer. I do not give you advice, a diagnosis of your problems, nor an interpretation of your behaviour.

“But counselling takes forever.”
Sometimes a few sessions may be all you need. I offer brief as well as long-term counselling, and the time it takes often depends on the issues you bring and how far you want to go in exploring them.


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